Fight climate change with Eco-Tourism.

Assist Indigenous Communities.

Please play your role on Saving and Protecting the Endangered Habitat


Ecotourism is about more than simply visiting natural attractions or natural places
It’s about doing so in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Ecotourism has been hailed as a panacea:
a way to fund conservation and scientific research.

Our aim is to protect fragile and pristine ecosystems, benefit rural communities,
promote eco-friendly development in Pakistan.

We enhance ecological and cultural sensitivity, instill environmental awareness
and social conscience in the hearts and minds of our customer

Each payer can track online and if needed, check in person
any planted tree against their payments of carbon offsetting.

  • Reduce plastic pollution through carrying less of it, imposing a plastic tax (customers pay a sum for the plastic they carry, if they manage to save it and present later, the sum will be returned) and through plastic waste collection campaigns on tours.
  • Engage in tree plantation activities focusing on planting endemic species to reduce ecosystem impact.
  • Conduct wildlife sightings and group discussions about conservation.
  • Raise awareness about the impacts of Climate Change on environmental levels and community levels.
  • Provide access to local markets (handicrafts, clothing, food etc.) for a more authentic experience and promote local economies.
  • Coordinate with the state forest, wildlife and concerned departments in an attempt to make the model a standard for tourism in Pakistan.

What We offer

  • K2 Base Camp Trek
  • Hunza Valley Tour
  • Explore One Of World's Largest Salt Mine Range,Katas Raj Temple and Kalar kahar
  • Nanga Parbat BC Trek and Deosai
  • Chitral and Kelash

  • Our Team

    Jiya Shah


    Tour operator,Tour Guide, Arranged environment friendly tours to north Pakistan, Arranged hiking and trekking trips, Arranged adventure tours, Experience in organizing corporate and family and customized trips, Organize cleanliness drive on tours.

    Farhan Khan


    Forester, photographer and conservationist. Specialization in the ecosystems of Pakistan from training in Pakistan Forest Institute and extensive field visits covering most of the country. Worked in coordination with forest and wildlife departments in capacity building and awareness building regarding conservation and climate change. Worked in coordination with local state departments in raising awareness about eco-tourism and natural conservation. Engaged in tree plantation activities in Malakand (KPK), Kaghan (KPK), Khushab (Punjab) and Sukkur (Sindh).

    Akram Awan


    Wildlife expert, Photographer, author. Contributed to the butterflies of Pakistan book (2016) as a reward of which a subspecies of butterfly was named, Turanana chitrali akramawani. Worked on birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles all over Pakistan Arranged wildlife trips for Pakistanis and foreigners, entomologists in particular. Published many research papers in international journals and contributed a good deal to the butterfly fauna of Pakistan, currently working on a photographic book about the butterflies of Pakistan.

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